Top Ten Travel Agency in Nepal

Top Ten Travel Agency in Nepal: Nepal Everest Himalaya Hiking 


Nowadays, a large number of people rely on tour companies to visit different places. There are a large number of benefits associated with hiring services offered by a good Nepal Tour Company depending on a particular place, where you arrange your trip. In general, any good to

ur provider gives packaged tours to save a huge amount of time in making plans for Nepal trip and make the mandatory reservation and other related arrangements. In fact, hiring of a reliable Nepal Tour Agency or Nepal Travel Agency may give a plenty of benefits to worldwide travelers, 

1.Provides the Best Itinerary for Travelers

Whether you opt to go for adventurous mountain expedition or mountain trekking tour, pilgrimage tour, religious tour or any other traveling tour in Nepal, you have to follow a specific schedule and itinerary to get the most from your journey. Here, comes the role of professionals working in a Tour Company in Nepal, as they chalk out the best possible itinerary for travelers and find the one that fits perfectly as per the travelers’ schedule.

2.Gives Valuable Pieces of Advice and Saves Time 

Agents associated with organizing Tour in Nepal perform detailed search and perform detailed research to help the clients in almost every aspect associated with organizing the trip, arrangements for resort or hotel accommodations, ground and air transportation, tour packages and car rental facilities. Moreover, these professionals have good knowledge of Nepal Tour and/or Nepal Travel, because of which they may advise on specific health insurance, travel insurance, visa applications, passport, inoculation processes and various other requirements related to traveling in any foreign country. All of these aspects play a significant role to save your valuable time and efforts as well as give you peace of mind.

3. Makes Your Nepal Tour an Economical One

Reputed Travel Company in Nepal and its professionals always strive hard to fetch attractive discounts and special offers on both bookings and reservations. Thus, when you choose a tour package, you will expect to save a big amount of money. In addition, as you get the opportunity to make your journey in groups, you will expect to experience an enjoyable trip. In simple words, qualified agencies associated with Nepal Tours always help you to visit to maximum numbers of spots/places at the minimum possible expenditure.

4. Gives Assurance of Your Memorable Trip

When you opt to plan for an adventure tour or a religious tour in Nepal on your own, you will likely commit many mistakes while seeping in your plan. Even you may end up by staying in any bad area, fail to arrange the necessary trekking equipments or comfort items or even end up spending a big amount of money on unnecessary belongings. Because of this, one should look for professional agents associated with Travel in Nepal, as the agents make plans and reservations on behalf of travelers, so that they may simply enjoy the trip. Therefore, by relying on a good traveling company, you will get adequate time to make your trip memorable and indulge yourself in every type of fun, the place offers

Best Trekking Company in Nepal for Trekking in Nepal & Nepal Trekking 2019 & 2020. Nepal Everest Himalaya Hiking: A Women Owned Company is dedicated in providing with you the Best Hiking Tour in Himalaya.Our Team is experienced, educated and specialized for organizing Trip to Himalaya. We work together for Woman Empowerment providing employment to Female Hiking Guides to make their better life.

Looking forward to care you in Himalaya !!!

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We, Friendly and Experienced management Team, are here to help you for choosing the right trekking packages. We offer custom trekking packages to suit your needs and schedule.

Simply give us a call, drop us an e-mail or contact us using the the  web enquiry form.

We will answer your query immediately with quick responses to all of your inquiries. We will provide you with all the information that you need to know before you set off for Nepal Himalaya.

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Why to Choose us for Booking your Trip in Nepal​?                                         

Nepal Female Trekking Guide

We have Experienced Female Trekking Guides for thosesingle female travelers or in a group for their peace of mind, comfort and to understand possible problems during the trekking in Himalaya.

Experienced Male/Female Trekking Guides

Our Trekking guides are officially Goverment Registered  and have been trained by the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Nepal.

OurTrekking guides are experts in their respective fields. We strive to provide you with a guide who is local to the area you will be trekking in, so that you can have the best experience possible. They will also provide you with interesting facts about the Himalayan culture, history, and religion.Our  trekking guides are experienced in dealing with the effects of high altitude sickness and getting you acclimatized to the surrounding. The guides themselves don’t undergo altitude sickness as we have chosen natives of the Himalayas to ensure that they take good care of you.

Social Responsibility 

With the belief that we must contribute some part of our earning to uplift the standard of the places we travel and enjoy, we donate 40% of our total income to social foundationsHIMALAYAN HAND FOUNDATION which work for service in society through education and health camp contribution. We do have our own long term projects for school regular helping even now after earthquake rebuilding at Himalayan Village.

Experienced in Guiding to solo and senior Citizen Trekker

Our Friendly and Experiended Trekking guides are specialized for experienced in Guideing to Solo and and Senior Citizen Trekkers.










Employment Opportunites to Local Guides and Porters 

Several of our Trekking guides are part-time students from rural areas in Himalaya who supplement their income from guiding to put themselves through school or college during the off-season.We recommend the use of experienced guides while trekking in Nepal. Their knowledge of the trekking area guarantees the best camping sites, lodges and trails, and prevents those three hour mistaken “short cuts”. Of equal importance is their insight into Nepali culture and customs that trekkers would otherwise miss traveling alone on just accompanied by other foreigners.

We offer Friendly experienced Trekking guides and Healthy, Strong as well Friendly Trekking Porters for all of our organized treks, but also make available guide services and porters to independent trekkers who want to plan their own routes and make their own trekking arrangements for a basic fee which covers the guide's and porter's salary, food and insurance.

Have a Big Group or Individual?

If you have a big group and are looking for a customized trek please contact us to discuss your particular needs and our special deals. If you're an individual trekker we can either arrange for independent travel or you can join with one of our trekking groups.




Contact our office directly by phone or send us an E-mail and we will get back to you immediately. We will provide you with all the information that you need to know before you set off for Nepal. We are the Professional Trekking/Hiking Experts team from Himalaya that prides itself in providing you the best possible vacation in the Himalayas and We have a very strong relationship with our best available local hotels, Lodges, Tea Houses on Trekking Trail  and restaurants to assure of our guests’ maximum satisfaction during your stay in Nepal.


Our Nepal Trekking/Nepal Hiking team is composed of energetic, enthusiastic, efficient and professional tourism experts, with years of experience in Trekking/Hiking tourism  industry in Nepal. We believe that we provide you excellent value for money. Our prices are competitive compared to others on the internet or available locally.

Professional Trip Service

We have a team of experienced and fully trained trekking guides with all necessary equipment to make Your trip memorable and safe. Each trip can be tailor made to suit your needs allowing flexibility for arrivals and departures. 


Local Woman Empoweremnt 

We provide the employment opportunities to Local Himalayan Nepal Female Trekking Guides to make women financially independence, self sustain and build self confidence as well. The main objective of the female trekking guide services is empowering the women by creating independent working environment for the women.