Female Trekking Guide in NEPAL

Female Trekking Guide in NEPAL

 Female Trekking Guide in Himalaya


Nepalese society is taking one step at a time in terms of the gender equality. Becoming a male dominated society, there’s a lot of social barriers against women like they can’t do this and they can’t do that. But time is slowly changing and they are ready to change the people’s concept by coming forward and working hard to win people’s heart. They also want to show that they have the abilities and they can also work their way up like every single man does.



Giving a female guide mostly to the female travelers(though some men also prefer female guide) is a better idea as we’ve found from the experience since the women client can open up more easily with the female guide and they can enjoy more while exploring the adversities together.

Our female guides are well trained, experienced and fluent English speaker. They are brought up in the nature so they have great knowledge about the Nepalese cultures and the beautiful nature more than a man.

Reasons to Hire the Female Trekking Guide in Nepal

Female travellers are highly encouraged to hire female trekking guide in Nepal for following reasons:


Female guides are ready to do for any trekking corner of Nepal as per your requirement. Female guides are young and energetic. Female trekking guide have been part of all major trekking part of Nepal. All female guides are experienced and most of them have been working as a guide for many years.

Well Trained

Female guides are well trained, highly educated and government registered tour guide license holder. Most of the female guides are fluent in English which will assure you that language will not become barrier while travelling.


Female guides of Nepal are well informed about the geography, history, diverse culture and traditions, festivals and different wild species of Nepal. Broad knowledge of female guide definitely helps you to know every aspect of Nepal. All female guides keep good coordination with you and give full information during the whole period of your trekking expeditions.


Guides are those who give you company throughout your journey. All the members of the female guide teams are very helpful and always smiling and ready to help you always.



Looking forward to care you in Himalaya !!!

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