Nepal Trekking in February

Nepal Trekking in February

Trekking in Nepal in February

Are you thinking about trekking in Nepal in February?

It’s almost impossible to say what is the best time to explore Nepal. Our little country is simply amazing year around.

However, trekking in Nepal in February is absolutely possible. It is really doable. It isn’t too harsh. Also, the winter scenery is even more spectacular, with clear skies and excellent mountain views.

There’s something special about trekking in Nepal in February. When you see the world covered in a blanket of snow, it just adds a beauty.

February is a good time to trek. It is not high season as spring (March-May) and autumn (October-December).

In Nepal, winter months can mean lots of different things, depending on your interest and the part of the country where you choose to visit.

Trekking in Nepal in February can be a beautiful experience. Walking on the top of snow, viewing frozen rivers and waterfalls all present memorable experience.

But, a little different approach is needed for trekking in Nepal in February.

Don’t worry we’re here to serve you!!!

There are almost endless options for trekking in Nepal in February.

Weather Conditions of Nepal in February

Trekking in Nepal in February becomes quite challenging when you consider the weather. Despite this trekking is always fun, no matter which weather you go in.

Although, it’ll be good to know the local weather conditions before getting to that particular trekking area.

You’ve to be absolutely prepared when you go in adventure trekking trip, especially if you’re traveling during the frosting winter.

Nepal experience four distinct seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Nepal usually experiences a short winter. So, if you visit Nepal in late February, you’ll likely experience mild to warm temperatures.

February is one of the dry months in Nepal, so there are little rain and snow. During February, the temperatures of Kathmandu valley might range from 4°C-19°C which is tolerable.

Likewise, the temperatures of Pokhara valley might range from 9°C-12°C. Also, the temperatures of Jomsom valley might range from 1°C-13°C.

The temperatures above 4000 m go below -5°C. Most people from the higher elevation migrate to the warmer lower elevations.

Despite this, you’ll witness the best skies making a very good trekking time for the Nepalese Himalayas.