Nepal Trekking in April

Nepal Trekking in April



Trekking in Nepal in April

Spring season is the perfect and best time of the year to do the trekking activities in Nepal. Even in the spring season, early to mid-April is the best time for high altitude trekking.

The weather in this month is good not too hot below and not too cold at the height.

April is a good time for climbing high passes as the snow has begun to melt. The mountain views are clear at this time.

You will love this month as there are flowers everywhere. The views are also pretty. Both flora and fauna are really nice. You can see different kinds of birds.

When trekking in Nepal in April, you will also encounter a few unique festivals such as Bisket Jatra, Nepali New Year, and Nepal’s Mother’s Day.

Weather Conditions of April in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal in April is beautiful because of the weather conditions.

This time of the year has the warmer temperature but sometimes hazy views.

Throughout April, mornings are clear and sunny in the mountain regions. But, the weather also often changes rapidly.

The temperature is mildly warm at lower elevations and the moderate above 4000m.

In the mountains, the temperature is warmer and might go up to 20+°C during the day. During the night time, the temperatures might range from 5-7°C.

Weather conditions fluctuate as you go up or down in altitudes. Likewise, it also varies according to the trekking route. The base camp and the high passes might have extreme weather conditions.

During this time of the year, weather remains clear with very fewer chances of rainfall. You will get crystal clear views of Himalayas.