Nepal Trekking in April

Nepal Trekking in April

Trekking in Nepal in April

Spring season is the perfect and best time of the year to do the trekking activities in Nepal. Even in the spring season, early to mid-April is the best time for high altitude trekking.

The weather in this month is good not too hot below and not too cold at the height.

April is a good time for climbing high passes as the snow has begun to melt. The mountain views are clear at this time.

You will love this month as there are flowers everywhere. The views are also pretty. Both flora and fauna are really nice. You can see different kinds of birds.

When trekking in Nepal in April, you will also encounter a few unique festivals such as Bisket Jatra, Nepali New Year, and Nepal’s Mother’s Day.

Weather Conditions of April in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal in April is beautiful because of the weather conditions.

This time of the year has the warmer temperature but sometimes hazy views.

Throughout April, mornings are clear and sunny in the mountain regions. But, the weather also often changes rapidly.

The temperature is mildly warm at lower elevations and the moderate above 4000m.

In the mountains, the temperature is warmer and might go up to 20+°C during the day. During the night time, the temperatures might range from 5-7°C.

Weather conditions fluctuate as you go up or down in altitudes. Likewise, it also varies according to the trekking route. The base camp and the high passes might have extreme weather conditions.

During this time of the year, weather remains clear with very fewer chances of rainfall. You will get crystal clear views of Himalayas.

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Nepal Female Trekking Guide

We have Experienced Female Trekking Guides for thosesingle female travelers or in a group for their peace of mind, comfort and to understand possible problems during the trekking in Himalaya.

Experienced Male/Female Trekking Guides

Our Trekking guides are officially Goverment Registered  and have been trained by the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Nepal.

OurTrekking guides are experts in their respective fields. We strive to provide you with a guide who is local to the area you will be trekking in, so that you can have the best experience possible. They will also provide you with interesting facts about the Himalayan culture, history, and religion.Our  trekking guides are experienced in dealing with the effects of high altitude sickness and getting you acclimatized to the surrounding. The guides themselves don’t undergo altitude sickness as we have chosen natives of the Himalayas to ensure that they take good care of you.

Social Responsibility 

With the belief that we must contribute some part of our earning to uplift the standard of the places we travel and enjoy, we donate 40% of our total income to social foundationsHIMALAYAN HAND FOUNDATION which work for service in society through education and health camp contribution. We do have our own long term projects for school regular helping even now after earthquake rebuilding at Himalayan Village.

Experienced in Guiding to solo and senior Citizen Trekker

Our Friendly and Experiended Trekking guides are specialized for experienced in Guideing to Solo and and Senior Citizen Trekkers.








Employment Opportunites to Local Guides and Porters 

Several of our Trekking guides are part-time students from rural areas in Himalaya who supplement their income from guiding to put themselves through school or college during the off-season.We recommend the use of experienced guides while trekking in Nepal. Their knowledge of the trekking area guarantees the best camping sites, lodges and trails, and prevents those three hour mistaken “short cuts”. Of equal importance is their insight into Nepali culture and customs that trekkers would otherwise miss traveling alone on just accompanied by other foreigners.

We offer Friendly experienced Trekking guides and Healthy, Strong as well Friendly Trekking Porters for all of our organized treks, but also make available guide services and porters to independent trekkers who want to plan their own routes and make their own trekking arrangements for a basic fee which covers the guide's and porter's salary, food and insurance.

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