Lukla Airport in Everest Himalayas

Lukla Airport in Everest Himalayas
Kathmandu to  Lukla Flight Fare
For foreigner, the price costs around 180 US Dolor for one way and 360 US dolor for two way
For Nepali citizen, the flight fare for Kathmandu to  Lukla costs Nepali US dolor 150 and 280 USD for Indian citizen for both way.  

Lukla Airport in Everest Himalaya


Lukla Flight Information

Country: Nepal
Flight Duration: 30 Minutes
Airlines: Tara Airlines, Sita Air, Summit Airlines, Goma Airlines 
Flight Distance : 138 km (straight line)
City: Kathmandu(KTM), Lukla (LUA)
Flight Fare 

US$ 180 per person for one way (Kathmandu to Lukla) 

US0 for both way  (Kathmandu to Lukla-Kathmandu)

Free Baggage: 10 Kg
Hand carry: 05 Kg
Airport Type: MediumTenzing–Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport, is a small airport in the town of Lukla in Everest Himalayas, in Khumbu, Solukhumbu District, Province No. 1, eastern Nepal. 

 LUKLA AIRPORT: Located at elevation of 2845m. in Everest Himalyas

Lukla airport also known as Hilary Tensing Airport is built on steep incline of a hillside. The airport is 450m long and 20m wide and the runway incline is a staggering 12%.


Earlier it was Tenzing-Hillary airport named after Sir Edmund Hillary (KIWI Mountaineer) and Tenzing Norgay, the two first men to set foot on the Mount Everest. They both also, initiated the construction of the airport in 1964.


The runway of the Lukla airport is measured by 460m (1,510ft) in length and by 20m (66ft) in width. With a sloped runway just 20 meters wide and less than a tenth of the length of the standard 5,500 metres at international airports, this is one of the steepest approach pathways in the world.

Situated in the Himalayas at 9000 feet above the sea, the Lukla airport has the tendency to operate over 50 flights a day. Only small planes and private jets which are capable of landing at Lukla are issued certifications for short landing and take-off.

As an international airport, the Lukla airport does not have a control tower, a radar mechanism nor even a navigation system. The flight operation is exclusively for the day time, since there is no electricity in the airport premises and nearby areas.

In fact, Pilots are required to rely on the view from their cockpit to land and to take-off. It seems like there won’t be a second chance once there is a panic situation to deal with because the plane either lands or it hits a mountain or drops off a cliff.



For those who are looking to climb the Mount Everest, the Lukla airport is the nerve rattling start for many expeditions. The Lukla airport also caters way to thousands of travellers each day from across the world.

Most of the travellers peril their lives in order to climb the magnificent avalanches of the Mount Everest. Interestingly, the Lukla airport with all its peculiarities, is a sight to admire. With its setting of Himalayan peaks and breathtaking mountainous sight, the Lukla airport is with a doubt, a place to explore.

The engagement of this airport is sky high as there are times when there is hardly a minute between a landing and the next take-off.
Now, this suggests that the Lukla airport is one of the world’s – busiest airports.

Lukla, a small Sherpa settlement, is located at an altitude of 2,800m where many trekking starts their trekking to Khumbu region. Lukla is gaining popularity with many lodging options, shops and trekking gears to buy and rent. It is the major gateway that leads us to exotic Khumbu region including majestic Everest. Kathmandu-Lukla flight offers the spectacular view of 18 highest peaks among which 4 of them are above 8,000m (subject to clear weather). Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla takes about 35 minutes through Trans-Himalayan route of Nepal.  

Flight Duration

It takes 30 minutes of scenic flight from Kathmandu to reach Lukla via aircraft. Note- the landing at Lukla airport is thrilling. Simrik Airlines, Goma Airlines and Tara Airlines are the best operating domestic airline which schedules (Kathmandu – Lukla) and (Lukla-Kathmandu) flights on daily basis. These airlines holds great safety records despite of having dangerous flight routes and treacherous runway in Lukla.


The domestic airlines allow you to carry 10 kg luggage with 5kg hand carry bag. If you wish to carry more than 10 kg, the airline charges you nominal cost per kg. The extra luggage charge varies from airlines to airlines. If you are willing to trek or climb Everest, 10 kg luggage and 5 kg hand carry might cover all the necessary gears and equipment.

Daily Flight Schedule:

Daily schedule flights from Kathmandu to Lukla and Lukla to Kathmandu is conducting by Tara Airlines, Summit (Goma) Air and Sita air. Below table lists the flight schedule, please select your suitable flight.

Tara Air Flight Schedule

From To Flight No. Dep. Time Arrival Time  
Kathmandu Lukla TRA112 0615 0645  
Kathmandu Lukla TRA117 0745 0815  
Kathmandu Lukla TRA119 0920 0950  
Kathmandu Lukla TRA121 0920 0950  
Kathmandu Lukla TRA141 0615 0645  
Kathmandu Lukla TRA143 0615 0645  
Kathmandu Lukla TRA145 0745 0815  
Kathmandu Lukla TRA147 0745 0815  
Lukla Kathmandu TRA112 0700 0730  
Lukla Kathmandu TRA114 0700 0730  
Lukla Kathmandu TRA144 0700 0730  
Lukla Kathmandu TRA118 0830 0900  
Lukla Kathmandu TRA146 0830 0900  
Lukla Kathmandu TRA 150 0830 0900  
Lukla Kathmandu TRA 120 1000 1030  
Lukla Kathmandu TRA 154 1000 1030  

Sita Airlines Daily Flight Schedule:



Flight No.

Dep. Time

Arr. Time


Kathmandu Lukla STA601 0645 (AM) 0710 (AM)  
Kathmandu Lukla STA630 11:15 (AM) 11:45 (AM)  
Lukla Kathmandu STA601 0725 (AM) 0755 (AM)  
Lukla Kathmandu STA630 0800 (AM) 0830 (AM)  

Summit (Goma) Airlines Daily Flight Schedule:

From To Flight No Departure time Arrival Time  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 401 06:45 07:15  
Lukla Kathmandu SMA 402 7:25 7:55  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 301 7:15 7:45  
Lukla Kathmandu SMA 302 7:50 8:20  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 403 8:45 9:15  
Lukla Kathmandu SMA 404 9:25 9:55  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 303 8:45 9:15  
Lukla Kathmandu SMA 304 9:20 9:50  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 405 12:15 12:45  
Lukla Kathmandu SMA 406 12:55 13:25  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 305 10:45 11:15  
Lukla Kathmandu SMA 306 11:25 11:55  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 407 12:30 13:00  
Lukla Kathmandu SMA 408 13:10 13:40  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 307 12:15 12:45  
Lukla Kathmandu SMA 308 12:50 13:25  
Kathmandu Lukla SMA 409 15:30 16:30  

Airlines Flying to Lukla - Kathmandu

Tara Air is the most popular airlines to operate Kathmandu to Lukla flight. It is the biggest flight operator to Lukla flight. Tara air operates mountain flight from Kathmandu to mountains closer to the Himalayas towards the north east side. This company is started business with the mission of helping develop the rural part of Nepal. Tara air flights to Lukla, Jomsom, Dolpa, Taplejung and Simikot airport. It flight towards the hill side of Nepal. Tara air is operated by a fleet of seven STOL aircrafts, comprising of five Twin Otter (DHC 6/300) and two Dornier (DO 228) aircrafts. Tara air is operating scheduled and charter flights to almost all airports in the country.
Goma air is new airlines in Nepal now renamed as Summit Air. Goma air started its operation since Feburary 24, 2011. Summit Air started its operation with two Cessna Grand Caravan 208 B. Summit Air started schedule operation after introduction of factory new LET 410 UVPE-20 STOL aircraft on October 2014, from its Kathmandu base. Summit Air strength lies in its qualified flight crew , engineering team and the state of art equipment. Summit Air within 4 yrs of its operation, have established itself as the most sought out STOL operator in Nepal. Summit Air takes pride in being in being the first operator in Nepal to introduce factory New STOL Aircraft after a long gap of 40 years. Summit air is now flying to Jomsom, Rara, Lukla, Dolpa, and Simikot. Mostly Kathmandu to Lukla flight is major destination of Goma (Summit) air as domestic flight in Nepal.
Sita Air is a well established domestic flight operator in Nepal. It is the most prominent fixed wing airline in Nepal. The airlines is organized by a group of distinguished aviator of repute with the vast professional experience in the field of aviation, it has created an indelible image as the provider of the best mountain flight experience. Sita airlines is mainly flying to Lukla from Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, and Jomsom. Sita Airlines flies to Lukla & Jomsom from Kathmandu. This company is operating Mountain Flight in by the Beech 1900 aircrafts and Lukla and Jomsom flight by Dornier 228.