Nepal Trekking in June

Nepal Trekking in June

Trekking in Nepal in June


Trekking in Nepal in June is quite challenging as it is monsoon in Nepal. Summer is also a part of monsoon season in Nepal. It comes after spring and before autumn and is summer or monsoon season in Nepal. The best season to visit Nepal is during Spring and Autumn season.

June sees a lot of rain with few occasional thunderstorms. The weather in June is quite challenging and unpredictable. This is why trekking in June is often considered as “off-season trekking” in Nepal. But with a great team leader and a team, it should not matter much.

During monsoon, the weather is tough at the mountains. It is not recommended to go trekking without any professional trekking guides. You will need someone who knows the area and the changing temperature and climate there. If there is heavy rainfall, there is a high chance of landslides in most of the hilly region of Nepal. As it rains almost every day, mostly at night, so the trekking routes remain muddy and slippery.

Because of the swampy roads and the soggy weather, a lot of leeches will try ruining your trip. Bug repellent and proper ointment will keep you aloof these notorious bugs.

If you get lucky enough, you will get to see the glimpse of the snow-capped mountains at daytime or in the morning. Due to the rainfall and warm temperature, the hilly region has a lot of blooming flowers everywhere. it is green everywhere. It is pleasant for the eyes and adds a lot to the ambiance of the place.

With right gears and preparation, even this challenging trekking season can be conquered.

So, if you are looking to trek in Nepal in June, some of the best places to trek would be Annapurna Circuit, Upper Mustang Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek and Dolpo regions.


Weather of Nepal in June

Nepal sees six different seasons, Spring (Basanta Ritu), Summer (Grishma Ritu), Rainy or Monsoon (Barsha Ritu), Autumn (Sharad Ritu), Pre-winter (Hemanta Ritu) and Winter (Shishir Ritu). The month of June lies in Rainy or Monsoon season or Barsha Ritu.

The temperature in the month of June is between 20 and 35 degrees. The nights are around 20 degrees. The afternoons are hotter with the temperature reaching up to 35 degrees.

You can expect showers almost every day with occasional thunderstorms off and on. The monsoon rain comes from the southeastern side and most parts of Nepal will have rainfall.

The Himalayan region does not suffer from a lot of rainfall. The hilly regions are most affected by the rainfall in this season. So the trails are pretty muddy and slippery so the trekking can be quite challenging.


Trekking in Nepal in June



Due to the frequent and heavy rainfall, trekking in the danger zones is not recommended. Yet, there are a lot of trekking routes in Nepal and you can trek even in extreme weather conditions.

Omit June is full of challenges. Sometimes the weather obstructs the glimpse of the mountains. But you can still explore the beautiful green hills, changing the climate and cultural diversity of Nepal at the Himalayas.

Though the rainy seasons are off seasons for trekking, it is quite a time to enjoy the greenery. And it is a lot cleaner It is a great season for agriculture and the wild forest gets a sigh of relief from all the dust and gives us a cool climate while being in the forest. You will enjoy trekking in June due to these reasons.

According to the weather conditions in June, here are some of the best trekking trails. Be sure to be extra careful while trekking in this season and have fun.