List of Airport in Nepal

List of Airports in Nepal : Both Domestic and International This post is dedicated the list of Airports in Nepal. It consists both domestic and international. Here we have posted names of domestic airports in Nepal. Likewise, we also posted name of International airport in Nepal. The official webpage of Tribhuwan International Airport, Nepal is airports Nepal airports in Nepal These name list of airports in Nepal may belongs to Nepal airport name list, name of airport in Nepal, international airport in Nepal, dangerous airport in Nepal, new international airport in Nepal, second international airport in Nepal, lukla airport in Nepal, main airport in Nepal, all airports in Nepal, list of all airports in Nepal, number of international airports in Nepal and most dangerous airports in Nepal. Nepal is a small country which is rich in natural diversity. Nepal can be divided into three ecological areas as regards the landscape: Terai, Hills and Himalayas. These ecological belts run east-west and are vertically intersected by Nepal’s major, north to south flowing river systems. Most people in the country live in the plainest area, as life is much easier there than in mountainous zones. The distribution of Nepali population by district, confirming the previous statement except for the two most populated districts: Kathmandu and Morang, where the second business city in Nepal, Biratnagar, is located. Most of the airports are spread into the Hills (37.5%) and Himalayas (35.4%), where in some cases they are the unique mean of transport in the surroundings. Nepal has a large airport network, made up of a total of 48 airports. They are distribute all over the country, although in the eastern and western regions they are more Assembled, specially because of the complicated terrain which makes difficult by other means of transport to reach them. Only 34 of the 48 airports have regular flights, whereas another 4 are considered charter and the rest of them are inoperative. However, if an airline asks for the permission to operate a flight in one of those last airports, and its infrastructures are in good conditions, it is possible to operate in them. Airports with scheduled flights can be classified in three categories: international, regional and domestic.