Nepal Peak Climbing Guide

A professional Climbing guide can enrich your travel and climbing experience in many ways and ensure safety on your adventure during both trekking and technical climbing. Apart of main task of leading the client to the destination and showing you safe path on your climbing route, securing lodging in the busy season and organizing your camp, helping out with your backpack when you are struggling, and organizing all logistics, a knowledgeable and experienced guide would show you places and interesting aspects you have never even thought about, introduce you to the local culture and the locals, local geography, local flora and fauna, and explain meaning of customs and festivals. This is the concept we strive to achieve. Our associates climbing Sherpas setup routes for all western companies, who bringing their customers to Base Camps of Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu other 8000m mountains as well as open climbing peaks above 6500m. Our aim is to ensure that our Associates Guides have excellent practical experience in climbing techniques and providing trekking, base camp and high camp logistics. We are working on training programs to improve information services provided by our Guides in the area of history, tradition, culture and religion to help our Guides to communicate information to our customers and to improve the service value. We are also developing opportunities for Nepalese women guides because we believe in empowerment of women. It is a difficult battle due to both western climbing culture favouring male guides as well as Nepalese culture. We are constantly looking for customers and particularly female customers, who are prepared to accept women guides. We provide experience mountaineering expedition guides for mountains of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Pakistan. Our Climbing Guides: Our high altitude Sherpa climbing guides are qualified through training with TAAN and NATHAM. They have many years of experience and are highly skilled in all aspects of Nepal Mountaineering and all hold a Nepal Government License, Mountaineering Association Accreditation and Summit Certificates of Nepal Himalayan peaks. Government Licenses are displayed in our office. All of our climbing guides have a thorough technical training and practical experience in rock climbing techniques, ice and snow techniques, and logistic knowledge and experience to setup and operate high altitude camps, intimate safety knowledge and experience in high altitude camping, thorough experience and techniques with fixed rope climbing, belay techniques, use of any type of mountaineering gear, use of Oxygen, high altitude food, avalanche and high mountain rescue techniques. Our guides have experience of many 8000m summits setting-up climbing routes, fixed lines and helping many western guides and climbers to summit Everest and other 8000m peaks in Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan. Our Guides are either Everest Summiters or Guides Certified by Nepal Mountaineering Association and have certified skills in First Aid, Altitude/Mountain Sickness prevention and treatment training and Rescue Protocol training.