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Rock Climbing in Nepal

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Rock climbing of local crag type is a tertiary adventure activity in Nepal. There is no rock climbing culture similar to Europe, US or Australia, where lots of young climbers hang around local crags, however there are more and more passionate rock climbers and few areas are being developed especially in Kathmandu and Pokhara area.

Here are some known and developed crags areas:

Nagarjun Forest Reserve: The reserve is located 3km north west form Thamel and it is a military controlled area. It is the training grounds for Nepali Army Special Forces, where they learn to climb and repel. The area has two cliffs with a number of anchors available. There is also a limestone wall there but it is not bolted.There is Rs 250 entrance fee to the park applicable to foreigners and Rs 10 to locals. There is also parking fee for your car or motorbike.

Shivapuri hill: A granite rock wall is situated on the slope of Shivapuri hill north of Kathmandu . Drive approx. 9 km up to Budhailkantha, the shrine of the sleeping Bishnu, then walk west from the bus stop the Vishnumati stream through terraced fields and enters the Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife reserve. The granite faces here lie scattered about, and the big cliff in the centre is equipped with a single route.

Hattiban: About a one and half hour drive from Kathmandu, this is a really technical rock and quite challenging. You have to hike about 20 minutes into the forest from the road to get to the rock. There is camping nearby.

Kakani: Located one and half hours from Kathmandu, there is only one small rock here with about 5 routes. There are mountaineering training grounds nearby and there are really nice camping facilities. This is on some of the KTM valley trekking routes.

Thame: This rock is near Mt. Everest and is at 3800 meters. It is a great training rock for those who are doing peak climbing or trekking in the area. There are 17 routes starting from grade 4c to 7c. This rock is multi pitch and about 200m high.

Bimal Nagar: This rock is about 60km from Pokhara. It is just a five minute walk from the road. There are 5 fixed routes, but many other climbable routes for experienced climbers. This is a 4 pitch rock, and highest is 55 meters.

3 Sisters' Climbing Rock: This has been developed and is controlled by 3 Sisters Adventure in Pokhara. It has a 14 well developed routes and is still under construction. This is just very fresh and very well done, but more for Beginners – a lot of detailed explanation on the site. The access is with fee payable at 3 Sisters Lodge and the number of climbers allowed on site at the same time is controlled. The site has ethics rules.

Map comming soon...